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Have you ever heard of kid services for those under 12 in some first-class beauty salons? The following reasons will make you want to bring your child along with you when you go to a top-notch nail spa that offers good kid services.

Every little girl has a dream of being a princess. Giving her a cute manicure and letting her immerse herself in a luxurious yet adorable salon space is definitely the best way to make her feel like a true princess.

Little girl wanna grow up to be just like her mom, right? Whether it's playing dress-up or feeding her doll, your mini-me just can't get enough of pretending to be you. So why not invite her to tag along the next time you indulge at a day spa? What’s a better way to put a smile on your kid's face than a real mani/Pedi together on a mother-daughter day out!

You’re in need of a new manicure, but do not have a babysitter? No problem! Bring your little kid along and sneak a little bonding time in while you’re getting pampered at a family-friendly salon.

Spa time is relaxing and calm, but it can also be memorable and exciting if you stop in a spa with your children. Who doesn’t love the idea of having some fun and getting pampered together with their sweetheart?

Planning a cool birthday party for your little daughter? Which girl doesn’t love being treated like a princess on her special day? Professional kid-specific salon packages allow your girl and her friends to be partied and get their nails done.

Getting ready for a vacation or simply looking for some “mommy and me” time? If so, a pedicure/manicure is a special treat to unwind with the little kids.

Everyone of all ages deserves to have a day of pampering and what better way than with an incredible spa treatment?

There are so many benefits of a spa day for both your mind and body and one of the best ways to enjoy your spa treatment is with family. Time spent in a VIP room at a high-end day spa makes for perfect family time, especially with your little princess and prince.

Modern life is hectic. Many people have busy schedules, get kids to and from school, try to cook healthy meals, and do the laundry before the clock strikes midnight. Which time is left for a family gathering? A good nail salon helps create a space for you to reconnect with your partner and your children. Parents totally deserve to have a day off, and children deserve to be treated to an amazing kid’s service.

Enjoyable kid services which you can see on the nail salon menu are actually budget-friendly. They vary according to different beauty salons and the prices. A good kid manicure/pedicure not only brings excitement to the children but also makes them feel fresh and healthy.

Each kid's manicure/pedicure includes a hot towel treatment, foot soak, scrub, massage, and a polish change. The cutest kid pedicure chair is just the perfect size for those little ones. Let your favorite girl embrace her inner diva by indulging in a mini foot massage, scrub, and nail polish application. Mix things up with fun nail art designs ranging from hearts to flowers to animal prints, which can also be added by skillful nail techs for an additional fee. In a rush? Consider the speedy nail trimming and clipping service. What else? Complimentary food and drinks are always available in most of the top-rated beauty salons.

Kid’s services will provide the ultimate and everlasting experience for children ages 12 and younger. The most loved kid-oriented spas and nail salons near me know how to make little ones feel special. Do you wonder what makes them a great destination? Check below!

These places are specifically designed with kids in mind so you can feel at ease knowing your kids won’t be subjected to harmful ingredients.
Manis and pedis are tailored for children. Kids often have soft, sensitive skin and don’t need the usage of sharp implements, blades, or other tools commonly used in adult-tailored pedicures/manicures.
Non-toxic and organic beauty products are the top priority.
Good day spa services at a reasonable price.
Bright and clean environment.
Staffed with licensed cosmetologists who are trained to work with patrons to find the right combo of color and style.
High-quality nail tools and salon equipment.
Pretty interior design with disinfected furniture.

Hope you guys can find some local nail salons which are as good as the ones I’ve found! Kids will love their spa-party packages and parents love that they can also get their manicure/pedicure done while the kids are having fun.

What types of children's nail service at TJ Nail Spa?

AGE 1 TO 10

Regular Manicure 
Regular Polish Change 
Gel Manicure 
Gel Polish Change 
Regular Pedicure 
Regular Toe Polish Change 
Regular Full Set 
Gel Toe Polish Change with French 
Gel Toe Polish Change with Take Off 
Gel Toe Polish Change with Take Off and French 

AGE 11 TO 15

Regular Manicure 
Regular Polish Change 
Gel Manicure 
Gel Polish Change 
Regular Pedicure 
Regular Toe Polish Change 
Regular Full Set

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